Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2018 HIMKI Organizes Roadshow for  Socialization of IFEX 2018

Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2018 HIMKI Organizes Roadshow for Socialization of IFEX 2018

Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2018

HIMKI Organizes Roadshow for

Socialization of IFEX 2018


Jakarta, 5 January 2018–The Indonesia Furniture Industry and Craft Association (HIMKI) is getting ready to organize its annual B2B (business to business) furniture and craft exhibition in Indonesia and in the region, Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2018. As part of its initial preparation, the association conducted a roadshow to several cities in the country namely Jakarta, Cirebon, Bandung, Jepara, Semarang, Solo, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. The objective of the roadshow is to inform furniture and craft industry players about IFEX 2018 and to invite them to participate in the exhibition. In each city, the roadshow was attended by hundreds of participants of the members of HIMKI who expressed their commitment to support the success of IFEX 2018.


“Through this roadshow we want to inform our members on the progress of the preparation, in terms of completed and on-going preparations, to ensure the success of IFEX 2018. We greatly hope our members in these cities, and other cities in Indonesia, will be able to join and give positive support for IFEX 2018,” said Soenoto, HIMKI Chairman. In the roadshow, HIMKI also emphasized the great benefit that members can get by joining the exhibition.


Based on previous IFEX exhibitions, members who joined the exhibition managed to introduce and directly promote their products to international buyers. Normally, HIMKI members who want to introduce their products to the international audience must join international exhibitions abroad, which is very costly. Hence, IFEX acts as the more affordable choice. It is more cost-efficient and is proven to always attract international potential buyers that can help promote and sell members’ products to international market.


HIMKI’s members in various regions play a crucial part in the success of IFEX 2018 due to their unique products as an important selling point to offer to international buyers. In addition, Indonesia is rich with a cultural heritage that augments Indonesian furniture and craft designs. “We must use our cultural advantage to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs to win foreign buyers’ attention and interest,” said Soenoto.


He said Indonesia also has other advantages in terms of raw materials and human resources. Take rattan, for example, all this time Indonesia is known as world’s largest producer of rattan raw materials with several rattan industry centres in various regions. The country must leverage this advantage so it can continue to show the existence and the quality of its products to international market.    


Government Support

The development Indonesian furniture and craft industry from time to time continue to show positive trends despite the challenging global market condition. The industry also needs more government support to sustain. Amid the condition, HIMKI remains positive and is targeting the industry to grow 12-16% in 2018.


Government support plays an important role in the development of the country’s furniture and craft industry. Some of the things expected by the industry players are more supportive regulations, easier administration process, better coordination between related agencies and institution, and others. Improvements in these sectors are necessary to grow the industry.


HIMKI hopes to receive full support from the government, in this case from President Joko Widodo, to develop national furniture and craft industry to be more competitive in the global free trade era. Industry players under HIMKI are optimistic that local industry will thrive and within the next four year, the industry will grow to US$5 billion.


To further develop the industry, HIMKI has tied partnership with the government and all stakeholders that consist of large, medium, and small enterprise furniture industry players, craft industry players, designers, global institutions who pay attention to furniture and craft industry, media, non-profit organizations, design institute, and other related parties.


These efforts from various stakeholders to improve the performance and condition of national furniture and craft industry is necessary. The improvement will make the industry become more conducive and provide the platform to accelerate the industry’s growth to its maximum level today and in the future.     


South East Asia Furniture Exhibition Circuit

The Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2018 is slated to open on 9 – 12 March 2018 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Kemayoran, Jakarta and is part of the furniture exhibition circuit in South East Asia. The scheduling will make it easier for international potential buyers to attend the exhibitions in the region.


Last year, IFEX managed to attract 11,225 buyers from the previous 9,140 buyers. This year, HIMKI is expecting to attract 12,500 buyers. Last year, the top five countries with largest buyers and visitors were China, Australia, the United States, India, and Holland. This year, the committee is looking to increase the number of the countries.


For the comfort of participants, visitors, and media of IFEX 2018, the committee has opened online registration at The ticket for the 9 – 11 March exhibition is IDR150,000 while the ticket for the 12 March is IDR75,000. The committee also provides special price for students at IDR25,000.


IFEX 2018 will also organize business matching for participants to enjoy a better experience at IFEX, in addition to other programs such as talk show, discussion forum, and others. IFEX 2018 also comes with mobile apps to make it easier for buyers and visitors to find participants’ location, latest schedule, and other supporting facilities.


For IFEX 2018, HIMKI is again collaborating with Dyandra Promosindo as the organizer of the event. HIMKI and Dyandra will improve the arrangement of the event in all areas and make it better compared to the previous year. As an international event, IFEX is expected to provide the best experience to international potential buyers and made them regular participant of the event.


“If we can fulfil the international buyers’ expectations, in terms of the quality and range of products, the comfort and ease of the venue, including accommodation and others, they will be satisfied. And if they are satisfied, we hope they become regular visitors and even help us to promote the event through the power of word of mouth (WOM),” concluded Soenoto.