Dyandra Promosindo
About Dyandra Promosindo
Dyandra Promosindo is a leading professional exhibition organizer, established since 1994. Over the years, Dyandra Promosindo has generated an impressive track record of events nationwide.

Over the past years, Dyandra Promosindo had organized more than 800 exhibitions in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, Medan and major cities in Indonesia. With more than 1.000 exhibitors every year, including foreign participants, Dyandra has proven itself to be a reliable business partner while advancing into a whole new level of exhibition culture in Indonesia. Our wide range of exhibitions includes trade fair, consumer exhibitions, conferences and summit.

Dyandra Promosindo has also become the first exhibition company in Indonesia whose achieve ISO 9000:2008 for its management system quality

Becoming the leader in Indonesia's exhibition industry

Becoming a reliable business partner with values of professionalism to create an impressive impact in every exhibition.

Board of Directors
Danny Budiharto
President Director
Danny Budiharto is the President Director of PT Dyandra Promosindo. He started his career in PT Dyandra Promosindo in 1994, and he also served as an Operational Director at PT Dyandra Media International, Tbk and as a President Director in several subsidiaries of the Dyandra Group.
Danny is actively involved in ASPERAPI (IECA - Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association) as General Secretary between 2005 and 2008. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, from Jayabaya University, Jakarta, and a Masters Degree in Marketing from Prasetiya Mulya Business School.
Bambang Setiawan
Chief Operational Officer
Mr. Bambang Setiawan is Chief Operational Officer of Dyandra Promosindo. He was born in 1974. He is an alumni of Atmajaya University of Yogyakarta, majoring in Information Technology. He continued his study at PPM Business School and obtained his Master Degree majoring in Strategic Management.
Mr. Bambang began his career in Dyandra Promosindo since 2000 and he brought to his position as IT Division Manager, Branch General Manager and his last position was IT General Manager.
He has over 12 years experience in the exhibition industry and has played a strategic role in building Dyandra into the global exhibition network. And now he also becoming a Central Board of The Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association (IECA) period 2011-2014
Dwika Wibiseno
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Dwika Wibiseno is Chief Financial Officer of Dyandra Promosindo since January 2012. He is an alumni of Pancasila University majoring in Accounting. He continued his study at PPM Business School and obtained his Master Degree majoring in Financial Management.
Before he joined Dyandra Promosindo in 1999 as a Finance & Accounting Staff, He began his career as an auditor in public accounting firm. In 2007, He was appointed as a Finance General Manager. He is responsible for managing and controlling the financial risk of the corporation and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.
He has wide ranging experience in corporate finance including capital raising and risk management.
Our Team
Dyandra Team, is what we call ourselves. We believe in the supremacy of teamwork just like how we believe in the power of people. But, the most important thing is, we share the same dream of becoming the best in exhibition industry

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Dyandra Surabaya

Pemenang Lomba Penulisan Wartawan IIMS 2014

Pemenang Lomba Penulisan Wartawan IIMS 2014

Pemenang Lomba Penulisan Wartawan IIMS 2014

LOOP KICKFEST 2014 Pameran Brand Indie Clothing Pukau Masyarakat Kota Bandung

LOOP KICKFEST 2014 Pameran Brand Indie Clothing Pukau Masyarakat Kota Bandung

Selama tiga hari penuh dari tanggal 10-12 Oktober 2014 lalu, publik Bandung, khususnya anak muda Bandung dan sekitarnya, menikmati pameran brand clothing lokal yang hadir di satu tempat dalam acara LOOP KICKFEST 2014.

 LOOP KICKFEST 2014, Melting Pot Industri Clothing Lokal

LOOP KICKFEST 2014, Melting Pot Industri Clothing Lokal

Hari ini (10/10) Lapangan Pusenif PPI kota Bandung disulap menjadi ajang Carnival raksasa menyambut pembukaan KICKFEST 2014, sebuah ajang yang digawangi oleh asosiasi brand indie clothing Indonesia, KICK (Kreative Independent Clothing Kommunity) ini selama tiga hari kedepan (10 -12 Oktober 2014) akan menyajikan berbagai acara seru.